Popular Questions.

Anyone who is 18 years or older and in good health can participate in the program. Are you in doubt? Talk to your doctor first.

How much weight you will lose is different for everyone. It depends on your height and weight, your muscle mass, any metabolic disorders, … In general, women lose around 3 kilos and men 4 kilos.

You need proteins to maintain or build muscle. Are you afraid of losing muscle mass? Then add extra protein by using hemp seed (ready for you in Vila Mimosa). Continuing to move is also beneficial for muscle maintenance.

If you don’t want to lose too much weight, you can add extra nuts to the program, which you can get on request at Vila Mimosa.

No, the sports lessons are optional. But we do recommend following them for a better result.

The sports lessons are at a beginner level. During the sports lessons, tips are often given on how to make an exercise heavier.

Yes, you can! Pay close attention to your body and contact us or your doctor if you have any questions.

We recommend that people with diabetes first consult with a doctor.

No, that is not necessary, but it is optional. Prior to the detox and during the detox, we will inform you about products that you can use.

We do not recommend a detox before the age of 18.

Yes, that’s possible. We can provide a chair for the sports lessons to perform the exercises. You can do the exercises on the floor standing up. Or you can replace the sports lessons with another form of exercise (such as walking, cycling, …)

You can follow the program for up to 3 weeks. We do not recommend longer than 3 weeks. If you want to follow the program again, make sure there are at least 4 weeks in between.

No, there is no difference. If you are a man we can possibly make larger portions.

Yes, our programs are gluten and lactose free.

You can continue to take medication or supplements during your detox.

Yes, our programs are vegan. Only the rebuilding program after the detox is not. There you can change the animal products for vegetable products yourself.

Your question is not listed? Ask us!

Why Vitalisé Portugal?


Unique, private location, a 10-minute walk from the beach, where only our retreat guests stay.

Nutritional Programme

Most flexible nutritional programs. Switching between programs is no problem.

Modern Spa

Our spa was built in 2016 and consists of 3 saunas, a relaxation room and 4 massage rooms.

+ 20 years experience

Vitalisé Portugal was founded in 1998. So we have a lot of experience with detoxing.