Wonderful walks.

If there is one thing Algarve is good at, it is the beautiful surroundings and the beautiful walks! Every walk is different. One time you pass the flamingo lake and another time you enjoy the view of the sea and the cliffs. The decking walk leads us through a beautiful nature reserve in the Algarve. You clamber and climb along the cliffs or simply enjoy the massage of your bare feet in the loose sand on the beach.

Yoga & Stretch.

Does your body sometimes feels sluggish, painful and full of tension? This is often caused by being less physically active or working on a laptop for a long time. But a session of yoga or stretching is also beneficial to lower your general stress level.

A session of yoga or relaxercise is the ideal way to relax and get inspired to give yourself completely during your detox holiday. After the session you will undoubtedly feel better, and you will have a good night’s sleep.

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Aqua Jogging.

Anyone who loves water will find what they are looking for in this lesson.

Aquajogging is a form of fitness training in which you ‘walk’ in the water using a belt or ‘wet belt’. This keeps you straight in the water. Because there is no contact with the ground, there is no shock load on the joints. In combination with music, games and a motivational sports teacher, you will certainly have a good time with this!

Strengthen Muscles.

This is possible with aerobics, BBB, pilates or body shape. Not only is this a great thing to do, it also works muscle-strengthening.

By staying active during the fast, the body does not get the necessary energy from burning the muscles, but from burning the fats.

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