Hormone Retreat 5 juli 2024.

Address your hormonal imbalance and feel like yourself again!

Are you struggling through your transition years? Are you tired of sleepless nights, mood swings, irritability, unexplained anxiety, difficulty finding words and hot flashes? Your weight just won’t drop, no matter how hard you try?

Do you imagine waking up rested, having a brain that is calm, happy and clear, and finally losing weight again in an easy and lasting way? To be happy with your body again?


During the Hormone Retreat in Vila Mimosa everything revolves around hormonal imbalance. Together with Dr. Gynn, you will look for solutions that work for you:

  • Nutrition and hormones: during the entire retreat you will receive super healthy whole foods. Moreover, during your stay you will learn about healthy nutrition for hormonal imbalance.
  • Lectures and round table discussions: Dr. Gynn gives you valuable insights, information and practical tips during her lectures.
  • Hormone Consult: you discuss your individual situation personally with Dr. Gynn (worth 250 euros)


There is more!

  • The body work (hormone yoga classes, somatic relaxation exercises) is provided by Iris Josephina, a real specialist in the field of hormones
  • Iris also gives you a lecture about your hormones and blood sugar regulation and a lecture about cyclical life in connection with your cyclical body (regardless of what phase of life you are in)
  • You will receive a personal consultation from Iris!
  • Furthermore, a great team is ready to guide you on walks and pamper you with treatments!

Ginny Chamorro.

After my training at Erasmus MC Rotterdam, I have been working as an all-round gynecologist for more than ten years. In addition to my work in various clinics, I also worked at the comprehensive women’s clinic in Boxmeer. I currently work in the beautiful international clinic ACIBADEM in Amsterdam. Here I treat women with many different problems. Menstrual complaints, cysts, prolapses and urinary incontinence, for example. If a surgical procedure is necessary, I will perform it myself. This varies from a hysteroscopy (looking into the uterus), laparoscopy (looking into the abdomen) to vaginal operations to correct prolapses or urinary incontinence.

Resolving women’s complaints with surgery is very rewarding work, but there are still so many complaints for which surgery is not a solution. This was a reason for me to start an orthomolecular study (kPNI, clinical psycho neuroimmunology). Here I learned what an enormous impact lifestyle has on the development of complaints and diseases. But also that lifestyle is a wonderful tool to get rid of many women’s complaints.

A few years ago I started my own practice DrGynn. Here I successfully apply these tools (including nutrition, stress, sleep and exercise) when advising women. Because the advice works so well, I not only give consultations, but I also spread my knowledge through lectures, training courses and now through my first retreat. Very cool to be able to advise women longer and more intensively. Especially because I now know that it brings so much to every woman.

The women I see are eager to learn what is at the heart of success. Are you also such a woman, and do you feel that your hormones are not optimally balanced? You start to develop annoying ‘female ailments’ ranging from irritability, cycle disorders to weight gain. Or do you feel that you are experiencing more and more menopausal symptoms? Then this retreat is really something for you!

I will take all the time to hear your story and can explain to you what is actually happening in your body, hormonally speaking. In any case, I am going to give you broad advice about your own unique health.

I teach you, among other things, what you can do yourself with lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation, social and meaning). I take your background and attitude to life into account. This will help you balance your hormones and help you be as healthy, happy and radiant as possible in the years ahead. That’s what every woman wants!






Iris Josephina.

Iris is a Functional Hormone Specialist, orthomolecular advisor, hormonal health coach and birth counselor with an academic background in medical anthropology and women’s studies. She also qualified in holistic women’s health, traditional midwifery practice and trauma-informed coaching.

Her work revolves around our periods and life cycles from menstruation to postpartum. In all her work, the main focus is on getting to know our bodies (body literacy), sharing tools to make informed body choices and cultivating a sense of connection with the body through all the changes and cycles our body goes through.

She gives people the space to come home to themselves by embracing their body and cycles, living cyclically and being in flow with their cycles instead of going against them. Iris supports cyclical beings through online coaching, courses & classes, circles and retreats; and her free online community Womb Wellness Circle.



Price Hormone Retreat.

(per person)

Single room Couble room
7 nights € 2850 € 2750

For this special week we work with a 50% deposit to guarantee your spot. Not sure yet whether you can participate? Then you can take an option on a spot. We will hold the option for you for 1 week.

NB! Our discount rules do not apply during special weeks organized by external doctors/therapists.


  • 7 nights
  • Full board: vegetarian programme
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Use of swimming pool, Swedish, Turkish and infrared sauna, jacuzzi
  • Daily discussion time (lecture or conversation, in English)
  • Daily guided walk in the beautiful surroundings
  • Daily morning stretch
  • Hormone yoga/somatic relaxation exercises
  • 1 aqua jogging lesson
  • a trip to Lagos
  • a trip to the shopping center
  • a personal consultation with Dr. Ginny (in Dutch or English, your choice)
  • a personal consultation with Iris (in Dutch or English, according to your choice)
  • a total body massage (85 min)
  • a lovely farewell dinner on the beach