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Get rid of obesity?

More and more people are suffering from excess pounds. This period becoming overweight is more and more a real culprit for your general health.

More serious overweight complaints

It has been scientifically proven that overweight people are not getting sick faster with coronavirus, but that the risk of serious complaints is higher. When somebody needs to be ventilated, it’s detrimental that the person in question suffers

overweight. How can we explain this? The COVID-19 virus is penetrating cells inside by binding to the outside of cells. The most important receptors are mainly found on the lung cells, intestinal cells and fat cells. The more fatty tissue, the more the virus could enter the body.

Protect your body

Obsessively starting (crash) diets is of course never a good idea. What you can do is reset your body with a detox. That way you don’t just lose weight, your mineral and vitamin levels are replenished, your immune system gets a boost, your energy level is skyrocketing… Exercise is also important! The perfect moment to pay full attention to your body.

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